Waffle Tickets (RMR HD 1/3.5 MOA back order slot)


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Be one of the very first people to get your hands on a brand new RMR HD 1 or 3.5  MOA red dot!

This purchase works as a virtual raffle ticket. Each purchase works as 1 entry into the raffle. After all the tickets have been sold the winner will be selected on Facebook live via wheelofnames.com. Then the winner will get sent a brand new RMR HD 1 or 3.5 MOA red dot! Trijicon is sending us these optics at the end of the month and this is a chance to snag the extras before they go up for sale.

Get entered now before they sell out

***********The Winner will be receiving the Trijicon RCR at end of the month when we restock ours (winners information will be input into our shops system with confirmation emails sent back to winner)*********



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