Who are we?

Defensive Specialist Group was started by Dan and Sam.

We first met during our technical training for the U.S. Air Force and then ended up being stationed overseas together which is where our friendship really sprouted. During our time overseas we bonded through our love of being adventurous, staying true to ourselves, and our desire to take care of the people around us. We love doing absolutely anything outdoors, hence the photos of us are from our time spearfishing in Japan. The picture of Sam holding up a fish with a spear in it was taken about 6-8 miles offshore and the picture of Dan with a white tip reef shark was actually taken on our last day overseas after our initial flight out was delayed. (The shark’s meat was donated to a local high school cafeteria in which it fed lower-income students). We also both loved cars, Dan has an R32 GTR that he sent back to the states and Sam had a 70 series Landcruiser while overseas. After returning stateside we ended up being stationed together again at Nellis AFB in Las Vegas. This is where our grand master plan to own a firearms business began to unfold in 2020, and although we have faced years of setbacks here is where we stand today. At the end of the day we are really just two bros who met during our time in the military. We bonded over hardship and are trying to make it in this business by being better and taking care of the people first and foremost. If you ever want to talk or shoot the shit, shoot us a message we’re always up for anything.