True North Concepts Modular Holster Adapter FDE/TAN

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The Modular Holster Adaptor includes two belt mounting bars which are sized and spaced for use on MOLLE type battle belts, by threading each bar through the belts PALS webbing. This application works extremely well on the current narrow, minimalist type battle belts used throughout SOCOM and other communities, such as those belts from GBRS Group, Ferro Concepts, Blue Force Gear, AXL, Ronin and Tyr Tactical to name just a few.  Alternatively, these mounting bars can also be directly bolted onto any standard trouser belt or gun belt up to 2 ¼” wide. When properly installed on your gun belt, the adaptor will not move.  When properly installed, all unwanted movement, slipping and sliding of the holster will be removed. The Modular Holster Adaptor also includes top mounting points for using a wide array of popular quick release belt mounts such as the Tek-Lok™ and polymer MOLLE type hardware, such as the MALICE clip. Each Modular Holster Adaptor comes with a complete hardware kit of various sized screws, posts, spacers and thread locker for mounting.

Note: Please confirm placement of your holster and location on your belt, and once satisfied with the configuration, USE THE INCLUDED THREADLOCKER on all screws to ensure everything stays put. Extended travel in aircraft produces vibration known to back out screws on weapons, the MHA is no different. USE THE INCLUDED THREADLOCKER, especially if you are in the profession of arms.

  • SPECS:
    • Lightweight 6061 T6 (2 ounces heavier than the UBL)
    • Non-Reflective Finish
    • Milspec Type III, Class 2 Hardcoat anodized finish
    • (2) color matched MOLLE/belt attachment bars
    • All hardware needed to attach to Safariland “3-hole” pattern holsters.
    • All hardware included to attach QLS type quick detach plates (use our hardware)
    • (3) Vertical holster height adjustment points at .500” increments
    • 20 degrees of holster cant adjustment 10 degree forward, 10 degree rearward
    • Leg strap compatible
    • Zero changes in performance in extreme cold or heat
    • Adapters available for these holsters:
      • G-Code RTI wheel
      • G-Code SOC, OSL and XST Holsters.
      • Blackhawk Omnivore
      • Blackhawk T-series
      • Blackhawk EPOCH
      • Alien Gear Rapid force
      • Dara Duty Holsters
      • Any Holster that uses the standard Safariland 3-hole pattern
    • Available in Earth Brown, Black and Olive Drab green
    • Made in USA


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The True North Concepts Modular Holster Adaptor (MHA) is designed to eliminate the unwanted movement, flex and sliding common to factory polymer belt adaptors by clamping the belt between an aluminum adapter and aluminum belt bars. This clamping force in conjunction with the material, 0.190″ thick domestically produced 6061-T6 Aluminum, creates a ridged, flex free platform for holsters.

The MHA supports the popular “Mid-ride” mode of carry to lower the pistol below the shooters belt line, allowing their holster system to clear body armor and pouches. This adapter fits all “three-hole” pattern Safariland™ type holsters, and other brands of holsters that use this proven method of attachment. It also supports the use of many commonly used quick detach holster systems such as the QLS, MLS, ELS, and others. Holsters mounted to the Modular Holster Adaptor will accommodate 10° of forward cant and 10° of negative cant for a total range of 20° degrees. The adaptor provides three height mounting points, set 1/2″ apart, descending from the top mid-ride mounting point. This allows the user to custom configure their holster’s cant and height based off personal preference and body size/type. 



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