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These slaps were all made with specific intent and purpose that we hold very close to our hearts. The “Fuck Em” slaps were supposed to be an embodiment of how you guys should feel towards anyone who stands in your way or doesn’t align with who you are, whether that’s your neighbor or your state’s Department of Justice office, Fuck em! The best use for the “Fuck Em” slaps is on a stock or a magazine. The Magnum condom slaps were made with a collective mindset towards a certain 3 letter agency. The government’s role is supposed to be focused on protecting the rights of the American people as explicitly written in the Constitution. We all know a certain 3 letter agency that seeks to take rights away from the people and seeks to shoot dogs, let them know you want them and their agency to get fucked. We believe so strongly that they should get fucked we bought the domain “GetFuckedATF.com” in order to help guide people to DSG. Lastly, the little quarter stickers were just an easy way to express your support to the community and the mission, throw them on a bottle or use them as slaps on your gun safe.


*Pack Contains 1x of each sticker*


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