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Black or Coyote?

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This purchase works as a virtual Raffle ticket. Each purchase works as 1 entry towards this virtual raffle. There are only 50 tickets and the drawing will be done when all virtual tickets sell out (we will give notice ahead of time to live stream the selection of the winner over Facebook.). There will be 2 grand prize winners. The 1st place winner gets their choice of either (1) RM06-C-700672 (BLACK) or (1) RM06-C-700780 (COYOTE). 2nd place winner gets the option that the 1st place winner did not select. However, we are reasonable guys, if the 2nd place winner really does not like the color that they won, we can work something out. 3rd place will receive 1 free entry into a future raffle of their choice as long as the raffle currently is open. There are no refunds on this purchase.


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